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Analysis of the translation market in Hungary

Translation activity and translate english to hungarian is one of the oldest in the world. People from ancient times communicated with each other, and if they could not understand each other, they resorted to the help of other people. Over… Continue Reading →

Translation and censorship in fascist Italy

Mussolini’s true motives, hidden behind a mask of simplicity, are easy to recognize. He strove to implant his ideology and italian translator in Italian society. Mussolini wanted to convince the Italian people that he would lead them to an era of… Continue Reading →

Medical translation errors and their consequences

Medical translation including english to telugu translate is popular in all countries of the world, as it is the most difficult type of translation, requiring not only a high concentration of the translator, but also deep knowledge in the field… Continue Reading →

Ways to improve translation quality

It is important to make sure that the translation app for iphone is really good. You need to constantly improve its quality. It is quite simple: if you follow certain tips, you can easily create the most accurate texts. It… Continue Reading →

Audiobooks as a tool for learning English

Every day, knowledge of the English language and language translation api is becoming more and more in demand in the modern world, which is moving along the path of integration. Foreign language proficiency is now an indispensable requirement when applying… Continue Reading →

Some tips for English learners

Until recently, knowing a foreign language meant being an esthete, belonging to a certain circle, or (the most innocuous option) – being known as an eccentric. But times are changing … Now knowledge of a foreign language has become practically… Continue Reading →

English courses. Criterias of choice

Courses are one of the most popular forms of learning English. Therefore, the great demand for them gives rise to numerous proposals. The abundance of choice can cause a person some confusion. But don’t be upset. Indeed, thanks to this… Continue Reading →

Self-study of English

Learning a language on your own is both easy and difficult. Organize your classes correctly, choose the right methodology, find good textbooks and dictionaries – and learning can even turn into a hobby. The habit of studying regularly will allow… Continue Reading →

Teaching your child English

Psychologists have proven that learning foreign languages ​​is much easier for children than for adults. Some experts believe that the most successful age is from 4 to 8 years, others are sure that from 1.5 to 7. Anyway, many parents… Continue Reading →

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