Translation activity and translate english to hungarian is one of the oldest in the world. People from ancient times communicated with each other, and if they could not understand each other, they resorted to the help of other people. Over time, the need for translation services only grew. Technological advances and international cooperation have contributed to the growth in demand in the translation services market. In the twentieth century, translation bureaus began to appear all over the world. Hungary is no exception: three translation bureaus are successfully operating in the city of Budapest.

The first company, the European Translation Center, deals with translations from the languages ​​of the EU member states, as well as makes proofreading of translations.

The next organization is called “Gyors Forditas” and offers professional translation services. The company translates into 29 languages, and has a huge number of translation directions: legal, business, technical, commercial, medical, food translation, agricultural, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, translation of software, books, films, websites.

Gyors Tolmacs offers professional interpretation services and specializes in providing professionals in the field of interpretation, simultaneous translation, accompaniment at events, conferences, construction sites and industrial enterprises.

In addition to translation agencies, translators also work in Hungary as individual entrepreneurs. Despite the fact that they are physically unable to cope with the translation of voluminous documents, since this is usually done by a group of translators, they successfully translate various legal documents, help with the registration of Hungarian citizenship, Hungarian tax card, police clearance certificate, real estate sale and purchase agreements in Hungary, as well as the naturalization of foreign driving licenses in Hungary.

Translation prices depend on the volume, complexity of the text and terms of completion. On average, in Hungary, they ask from € 0.03 per word, which is about 1.8 rubles at the current exchange rate.